Monday, May 23, 2011

Why Playground?

I am a kid that learned to behave like a adult.

I have already built previous business and somehow I lost in the sands of time the moment when it stopped to be fun. So I started thinking about building something else, throwing ideas of different business models with only one concern in mind:

I wanted to be disruptive.

Then HomeViva appeared. At first just a galvanized idea from countless talks and my previous experience.
Then I started putting order to this idea with the incredible help of Alexander Osterwalder business model generation framework. Boy it was hard! But it proved that the idea needed to mature a lot more to become a opportunity.
When the business model looked good, I contacted Roberto Allende because I knew that he rocked leading developers and was an authority in his field. I asked if he was interested to be my CTO for HomeViva and turned out that he was just in the same position and jumped in only a week after talks.

In only a week we prepared HomeViva business plan and submitted it to the StartUp Chile program.
And only a month later, we received the acceptance letter. We will be working in Santiago, Chile from July 14.

Well, it proved to be fun for now!
The execution of the HomeViva business plan has taken me way beyond my comfort zone and I am embracing it with joy.

Roberto plans to release the beta version of HomeViva the next week, it will be time to do some customer development and prove if we can make it disruptive. 

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