Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Go to Market application granted!

We are very happy to announce that CORFO has granted HomeViva the participation in the "Go to Market" program!
During this program we hope to enhance our project's strengths and identify its weakness to get it ready to reach the global market with the glorious help of SRI.
The program consists on 3 phases, of wich we have entered the first one and we are already preparing for the second one.

I plan to keep you updated about what happens in this program... Hope to have the time to do it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Open beta launch: Cordoba (AR)

This week we are launching our open beta version to be tested in Cordoba (AR) city.
In the last months we have been talking and subscribing contractors in the most needed categories to serve consumers. We feel confident that some of the 2000 contractors we subscribed will experience how HomeViva can add value to their business.
We hope to gather 100 projects to learn from users interactions in a small scale, so we can afford to talk one-on-one if needed.
As soon as we accomplish this milestone, I'll update this post!

Press Release

Punto a Punto
La Mañana de Cordoba
La Voz del Interior:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hardworking in stealth mode

It has been a long time without news...
It's not that we don't have things to tell, actually there are so many good things happening right now that sometimes I have the need to shout it to the world!

But we have been keeping a very low profile because we have seen a very strong activity by our local competitors and we don't want to externalize something that can be useful for them.
You know, we are ver strong confident in our business model so we just want time to develop our product while we learned from our beta customers.

I promise to open all we have learned in some time, anyway we are going to have news very soon...

Monday, July 11, 2011

About StartUp Chile admission process

After getting the letter of acceptance from StartUp Chile, several people asked me questions about how was our experience with the admission process.
I think that there may be a lot of people asking themselves these same questions and searching for more information, so here it is a review of what happened with us:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Why Playground?

I am a kid that learned to behave like a adult.

I have already built previous business and somehow I lost in the sands of time the moment when it stopped to be fun. So I started thinking about building something else, throwing ideas of different business models with only one concern in mind:

I wanted to be disruptive.

Then HomeViva appeared. At first just a galvanized idea from countless talks and my previous experience.
Then I started putting order to this idea with the incredible help of Alexander Osterwalder business model generation framework. Boy it was hard! But it proved that the idea needed to mature a lot more to become a opportunity.
When the business model looked good, I contacted Roberto Allende because I knew that he rocked leading developers and was an authority in his field. I asked if he was interested to be my CTO for HomeViva and turned out that he was just in the same position and jumped in only a week after talks.

In only a week we prepared HomeViva business plan and submitted it to the StartUp Chile program.
And only a month later, we received the acceptance letter. We will be working in Santiago, Chile from July 14.

Well, it proved to be fun for now!
The execution of the HomeViva business plan has taken me way beyond my comfort zone and I am embracing it with joy.

Roberto plans to release the beta version of HomeViva the next week, it will be time to do some customer development and prove if we can make it disruptive.